Home Renovation Project Ideas To Help Solve Your Family Sized Problem

Stunning home extension

It isn’t uncommon for a family to require a larger sized house as the size of their family increases. What used to suffice in the way of space with just the two of you is no longer enough. There comes a time when a little more space is needed to give yourself some breathing room says Matt, the owner of Custom Outdoor Living who declares they are the best pergola builders in Melbourne.

Matt Goodie has been in business for over 2 decades. He started off life as W M Goodie Landscapes & Carpentry before becoming Pergolas R Us and eventually starting up a new division as Custom Outdoor Living who now specialise in carports, sunrooms and single-storey home extensions in Melbourne (find out more here) helping many happy Melbourne residents achieve that desirable  alfresco lifestyle.

“Over that time we’ve seen it all and we’ve built up enough experience to know how to deal with a wide range of issues and have helped many of our customers deal with difficult building permits and navigate around all the pitfalls which ends up saving them a lot of time and frustration. We know what we’re doing”, says Matt.

Home extension in Newport Melbourne VIC

One of the most common solutions to this problem is to extend the property by way of a home extension. Whether you choose to extend your bathroom, kitchen or living room, it’s a very effective way to increase the feeling of internal space.

Here are some great examples of extensions to give you some ideas of the results you can achieve.

7 Australian Homes with Spectacular Backyard Extensions

On many days, it feels like every family in suburban Australia is renovating their house, or more specifically, commissioning a stellar backyard addition that transforms the existing dwelling in beautiful, surprising ways. According to Melbourne-based architect Andrew Maynard, a veteran of these sorts of projects, 60 percent of his studio’s projects are now extensions.

In a 2009 interview with Sanctuary Magazine, an Australian sustainable home-design publication, Maynard said Aussies are “addicted to renovations and extensions.” And judging by the frequency at which these backyard additions are popping up Down Under, it seems that particular addiction has not subsided.

Expanding your property can transform your home into something you fall back in love with. If you’re finding the very thought of moving elsewhere sends shivers down your spine, this is the next best thing. We’d love to hear your comments on this. So please get in touch and let us know what you think.