Solutions & Benefits

What Ecohome solutions will do for you

What sets Ecohome Solutions apart from the many other residential building contractors is its innovative use of an integrated, whole-house approach to home performance and energy efficiency. Our unique process allows Ecohome Solutions to go beyond the usual HVAC and specialty contractor guesswork and quickly and accurately solve a home’s comfort and energy efficiency issues.

Home Comfort and Energy Assessment

Ecohome Solutions begins with a comprehensive assessment, performed by a trained and certified advisor.  The assessment is critical as most problems are not caused by one system in the home but more likely small deficiencies in a few areas.


Many homes are poorly insulated or missing insulation entirely.  Of course insulation with a high R value is important, but more importantly is the insulation coverage.  Small gaps in insulation can exponentially degrade the actual insulation value.  Ecohome Solutions adds high quality, dense-packed cellulose insulation filling all the corners and cracks to ensure the home has a strong thermal envelope.


Most homes are poorly sealed and have air infiltration problems. Ecohome Solutions seals all cracks, crevices and holes in the interior and exterior of the home.  Sealing these air leaks is usually not intrusive in the home and most of the work is performed in the attic and crawlspace.  Air sealing is generally the most cost effective improvement that can be made with an average 25% reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Solar Photovoltaic Electricity

Ecohome Solutions offers custom solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions specifically designed for your home and energy needs.  To increase the benefits of a solar system and make it more cost-effective, you should reduce your energy use through comprehensive home performance improvements because the more efficient your home, the smaller – less expensive – system will be needed.

Solar Thermal Water Heating

With increasing energy costs, solar water heating is one of the best ways you can save money on your utility bill. Ecohome Solutions installs a state-of-the-art residential solar water heating appliance that is clean, cost-effective and uses the sun’s energy to heat your water. The solar thermal appliance is attractive, safe, and reliable with minimal maintenance required over its long operational life. An Ecohome Solutions certified professional installs the system, and it is backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Replacement Windows and Doors

By replacing your home’s windows and patio doors with new ENERGY STAR®-qualified models, you can save on your heating and cooling costs, be more comfortable, reduce noise, protect your furniture and carpets from fading, and add curb appeal.  Some windows allow more solar heat to and some less. To get the most out of your investment in windows, important details such as the placement or window treatment should be considered.

Heating and Cooling Equipment Service and Replacement

Ecohome Solutions evaluates the operating condition of all heating and cooling equipment in the home, including flue gas analysis to ensure the furnace is operating as it should and duct flow analysis to ensure the hot/cool air is effectively delivered to the home. When appropriate, Ecohome Solutions will install new, properly-sized high-efficiency equipment. Often, because of the overall improvements to the efficiency of the home’s thermal envelope, the equipment installed is smaller, saving even more money on the new unit and on annual heating and cooling bills. Additionally, a smaller, properly sized system cycles on and off less often which improves comfort and efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality

Air-sealing can help reduce outdoor air pollutants and building material off-gasses carried into the home through basements, wall cavities, and attics.  However, there are many pollutants that trigger asthma and allergy symptoms that are generated indoors. After reducing the sources of pollutants through HPC, the next step is to properly manage the ventilation in the indoor space. Ecohome Solutions delivers a variety of ventilation and other indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions tailored to meet the needs of each customer.