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About Ecohome Solutions

Ecohome Solutions is certified by the Residential Energy Services Network. It’s also a partner with Home Performance with Energy Star and trained by the Idaho Department of Energy Resources. With advanced building science knowledge and state of art diagnostic tools; Ecohome Solutions accurately identifies the problems and eliminates the guesswork. Improvements may involve air sealing, replacement windows, HVAC, solar and insulation. Unlike traditional contractors; installation alone is not our purpose. After all do we want insulation or a new AC unit? The efficiency and comfort they provide is what homeowners want and that is our guarantee.


Is the scientific approach really necessary?

  • Air duct systems lose at least 25% of the conditioned air to the outside. (Source: Idaho Department of Energy Resources)
  • The average home could save 20% of the heating & cooling bills with air sealing. (Source: EPA)
  • 70% of all AC systems have too little return air flow degrading the efficiency of the unit. (Source: ID Department of Energy Resources)
  • Insulation alone may actually increase the home’s inefficiency.
  • If the traditional contractor knew better, would the majority of homes have those issues?

What to expect.

The performance evaluation is comprehensive and is approximately 2-3 hours during which the energy advisor will thoroughly inspect and test your home.  With the evaluation data, a report is generated detailing the performance opportunities in your home.  Also included are recommendations for improvement along with costs and estimated energy savings.  Most improvements are completed within 3 days with minimal disruption to your home.

The time is now.

With low interest loans and tax credits; most customers can expect to receive 2x more money back than what was spent in the first year.

Don’t tolerate the shortfalls of your home.
Take control and enjoy affordable, green comfort today.