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What to expect:

Comprehensive Evaluation
The process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your home. Over 25 various tests will be done on the home to diagnose the performance of all the systems together. The evaluation generally takes about 3 hours.

Review the Home Performance Report
With the data collected from the evaluation, a report is generated detailing the opportunities to improve the performance of the home with costs, estimated energy savings and comfort improvements. The review will take approximately 30 minutes with an Ecohome advisor.

Home Evaluation Tools

  1. Home Improvement
    Following the review and at the homeowner’s request, Ecohome Solutions will make the necessary improvements to the home. The improvements generally do not disrupt the home and are completed within 2-3 days.
  2. Final Test
    Similar to the initial evaluation; an advisor will test your home after the improvements are made to ensure they have were made correctly and the home is performing as it should.