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About EcoHome Solutions

Ecohome Solutions offers unique home performance improvements that enhance the comfort, energy efficiency and air quality of your home.

We are different from most other contractors because of our extensive training and scientific tools. We answer difficult questions that most other contractors avoid.

Questions like:

  • Why do I have mold in this area of my home?

ABC Ventilation Answer: Probably because you’re not getting enough ventilation in that area of your home. You might think about additional vents.

Ecohome Solutions Answer: Based on the thermal scan, it’s clear there are insulation voids within the wall causing the wall to be much cooler in the winter. When warm air hits a cool surface, condensation develops and mold grows on moist surfaces. We can correct the insulation which will save 11% on your heating & cooling costs and stop the mold…guaranteed.

  • My bonus room is hot in the summer; how can I cool it down?

ABC Air Conditioning Answer: Adding a second zone to that bonus room with another 2.5 ton AC should do the trick. You may also want to put some vents in that attic and get the hot air out of there.

Ecohome Solutions Answer: The air handler on your duct system is blowing 30% below optimum levels. The insulation in the walls upstairs has voids. The attic is only at R21 insulation. Blower door and zone diagnostic pressure testing indicates total leakage of 252 square inches between the attic and interior of the home. Reducing the 150 degree hot attic air from leaking into the home, increasing the air handler speed and improving the wall insulation will lower your cooling costs by 44%, heating costs by 38% and the upstairs will be comfortable… guaranteed.

  • If I add insulation to my attic, how much will my heating & cooling bills go down?

ABC Insulation Answer: Oh, it will definitely help. Department of Energy recommends R49 so you’re doubling the R value.

Ecohome Solutions Answer: Upgrading to R49 insulation in the attic will save you 11% on your heating and cooling bills, guaranteed.

  • How much will new windows help my heating bill?

ABC Window Answer: It should help but it’s hard to say an exact amount. But between the tax credits and energy savings; I’m sure it’s a good investment.

Ecohome Solutions Answer: Windows are the weakest point in a home and they always will be. There is not a window made that has the insulation value of an insulated wall. Replacing your windows will result in an energy savings of only 6%.

  • Should I upgrade the efficiency of my furnace and how much energy would it save?

ABC Heating Answer: Your furnace is an 80% efficient model. Upgrading to a 96% efficient model should save you 16% on your heating costs.

Ecohome Solutions Answer: Although your furnace is supposed to be an 80% efficient model, flue gas analysis indicates it’s actually operating at 66%. In addition, we noticed the air handler is not turning on until the air temperature reaches 143 degrees, which wastes heat in the furnace instead of blowing it into the home. Lastly, the duct blower test showed the duct system is losing 27% of the heat before it ever reaches the interior of the home. Replacing the furnace, adjusting the fan control and sealing the duct system will reduce your heating costs by 39% and air conditioning costs by 24%.

Ecohome Solutions is certified by the Residential Energy Services Network. We’re also a partner with Home Performance with Energy Star and trained by the Idaho Department of Energy Resources. With advanced building science knowledge and state of art diagnostic tools; Ecohome Solutions accurately identifies the problems and eliminates the guesswork. The whole house approach allows us to guarantee comfort and energy savings.